Torque Motors - Terminal Box Type

Torque Motor Characteristics

Torque motors are designed to provide high starting torque and stable operation, especially in the low speed range or under a locked rotor condition. The torque is highest at zero speed and decreases steadily with increasing speed to keep motor and loading balanced. Motor rotation speed change is available by adjusting supply voltage when loading torque is constant.

The design of the torque motor is significantly different from that of the general motor. Suitable and typical application is to hold down the loading by static torque or constrained force is required at the end after a high-speed operation. The voltage for continuous operation is 60V; rated short time in the occasions for voltages above 60V; the rated time is 5 minutes for voltage 100V.

Torque motor is suitable for continuous winding and winding of articles at a certain speed with a certain tension. It is used commonly in situations where forced static torque is required during or after operation. Torque motors are widely used in applications where the product needs to be wound onto a reel, such as textiles, paper, rubber, plastic (round wire, flat wire, plastic bags, cling film), metal wire, cable and printing machinery.
  • Available output power of 3 W up to 40 W
  • Built-in thermo switch
  • GN type (pinion) output shaft models available for gearhead

Types Torque Motor

Standard Type:
Exterior voltage regulator is required to adjust motor speed.
Regulator Built-in Type:
The voltage regulator is installed in the terminal box to adjust motor speed.

Torque Motor Terminal Box Type Specification

2TK3CA - 3W Round Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
2TK3CGN - 3W Pinion Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
3TK6CA - 6W Round Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
3TK6CGN - 6W Pinion Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
4TK10CA - 10W Round Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
4TK10CGN - 10W Pinion Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
5TK20CA - 20W Round Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
5TK20CGN - 20W Pinion Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
5TK40CA - 40W Round Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)
5TK40CGN - 40W Pinion Shaft Dim. (PDF)  (DWG)  (STEP)

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